Fintech Live

The event is to create a platform to showcase new tech innovations in banking, investing, insurance, lending, payments and other financial services technology through live demo presentation to finance sector leaders and investors.

The day will be weaved with live demos and a hackathon. Companies with fintech solutions will be invited to make a demo presentations to finance sector leaders and investors.


Why Attend?

Competition has Intensified

In the current economic environment, competition is fiercer than ever and technological innovation continues at an incredible pace. You can’t just sit still and hope to survive. Come get a winning edge on the competition.


Focus on Financial Technology Innovation

FinTech Live focuses exclusively on the most exciting, innovative ideas in fintech. Each of our handpicked companies goes through our competitive screening process prior to getting on stage, ensuring they will not only inspire you but also help you compete.


Value-Packed Format

We will use a unique blend of short, fast-paced demos and intimate networking sessions with top executives from handpicked companies to give you the maximum amount of valuable new ideas and contacts.


Who can Apply to present?

Any person and company who have developed fintech solutions may apply.

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